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Sep 07 2007

Quick Post: “Ms. M is My Favorite Teacher at LHS.”

At 1:44 this afternoon, an event occurred that will forever remain one of the greatest moments in my (short) teaching history: my seventh period sophomores heard, followed, and carried out my directions immediately after I’d finished speaking.

(Insert Ms. M’s stunned, silent reaction here.)

Granted, I had only asked them to “take out a sheet of paper and write one sentence, any sentence.” But they did it. They didn’t ask me questions. And even the kid in the back corner who insists he and I are “going to have problems” any time I discipline him stopped talking and took out a pen and paper.

To top it off, as I asked them to share (we were on our way to discussing the elements that make up a sentence, if you’re wondering), a student that I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of good conversations with and who is also one of my most focused and sincere students shared that she wrote “Ms. M is my favorite teacher at LHS.” I was floored.

Shoving all other issues aside for a moment, today was a pretty great day.

I have a longer (and more colorful) post started, so look for that sometime this weekend. Thank you so much for all of the comments and support lately. I’ve needed it.

Love to you all!

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  1. Harry & Joan

    Sara, we are so very proud of you! To hear a comment like that is sure rewarding and encouraging! Keep up the good work!! All the work you’ve been doing is paying off! Arkansas is lucky to have you!!!

    Joan & Harry

  2. Marcy

    Your student’s comment and the fact that she was able to write a complete sentence merits a 6 pack of Mountain Dew!! Cheers to many more positive teaching experiences.

  3. Mom



  4. Annie

    Happy Birthday Sara!!! Hope you have a great day!


  5. Sarah


    Now that I am spending a week administering NWEA (which, I am actually a fan of so far), I have been making poor choices and reading TFA blogs for the last two periods. You are a great writer! Look at what a supportive English teacher I am :)

    – Sarah

  6. Sarah

    ps. it’s Sarah Castleman :)

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