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Oct 04 2008

“Miss, Can I Step Outside and Flatulate?”

I have been sitting here, feet propped up on my desk in true Delta fashion, for the last ten minutes, losing precious moments of sleep because I promised myself that I would post today, and I can’t think of anything substantial to say.

We are six weeks into the school year, and I have nothing to say, no crazy stories to tell. I sleep at night, I wake up, I go to work, I teach (some days more than others), I enjoy my students (again, some days more than others), I go home, I see friends, and I go to bed. Even my post title doesn’t signify a single incident; indeed, it’s the lack of incident this statement creates in my classroom that is remarkable tonight.

Nothing phases me anymore.

Last week, one of my first period students, W, decided it would be fun to stand up and dance suggestively at random moments during class. A year ago, that kid probably would have suffered a write-up, a day in ISS, and the loss of a whole day of lessons. Instead, I gave him the “I’m bored with your misbehavior” stare, tossed his step-brother a few reward tickets, and watched sibling rivalry work its magic. By the end of class, W was in his seat and had earned five of his own tickets. Problem solved.

Love to you all.
(This post was written two weeks ago, but I saved it instead of posting it for some reason. Just thought I’d let you know, since there will likely be two very different posts today.)

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  1. hereandnow

    I’m so glad to be teaching with you here. :)

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